Convert from Flat Documents to Interactive Online Courses

Dec 2, 2022 | e-Learning

Laragh’s e-Learning Convert Service Can Make Standardized Corporate Documentation Come to Life

Delivering guidelines, SOPs, protocols, or onboarding material via PDF or Word documents and PowerPoint presentations is not only costly in terms of time and effort, but often fails to have the impact organizations hope for on staff. That is why converting static PDF, PPT, and DOCX documents into interactive e-learning courses makes perfect sense in terms of business and employee satisfaction.

Convert your flat documents into interactive e-learning

Across the corporate industry, organizations are becoming increasingly aware of the power of e-learning in terms of upskilling and training employees. In fact, e-learning is a great way to streamline, standardize, and track the delivery of corporate material that is often used across various departments and offices.

But have you ever considered converting your standard company documents – like SOPs, Health and Safety protocols, company guidelines, or onboarding material – from ordinary PowerPoint or PDF files into interactive online learning experiences?

This is the aim of Laragh’s cost-effective, which takes your existing source material – whether in PPT, PDF, or DOCX format – and converts it into an engaging e-learning course. With 25 years of experience in developing online learning material, few other companies are better equipped to provide you with a high-quality conversion product with a fast turn-around – saving you time, money, and effort.

How it works

At we understand the time and effort that CEOs, L&D managers, and HR executives put into constructing PowerPoint presentations and PDF and Word manuals, and respect the integrity of the documentation we are entrusted with. That is why you do not need to be concerned that your carefully written content will be modified without your consent. e-Learning Convert – as the name implies – simply converts all content that you approve into an e-learning course that your employees will relish.

e-Learning Convert’s basic service offering includes a free initial proof-read from one of our experienced editors – to catch those pesky spelling or grammatical errors. Then our team of experiences editors and learning designers work to transform your source material into an engaging and visually stimulating course that is easy to navigate and chockful of imagery and interactive features that are designed to actively engage all learners.

e-Learning Convert transforms your PowerPoint, Word, and PDF documents into online courseware

Assessment questions for engagement and trackability

Should you desire, e-Learning Convert is also able to incorporate an assessment feature into your courseware – not only to assess your employees’ understanding of the material, but also engage them in a more active form of learning. This handy feature is optional but highly recommended to monitor employee progress and identify gaps in knowledge that can then be addressed through further training.

Because the nature of the documents’ content may require different forms of treatment, e-Learning Convert offers a range of package options – for instance, you can decide whether you want a full editorial review of your content or added assessments to your converted course. View the full range of options.