Convert Word document to e-Learning courses

Let us turn your flat DOCX files into interactive online learning courses

The e-Learning Convert service allows you to easily convert company information from Word documents into interactive, engaging and trackable e-learning course format.

We quickly convert your Word Docs: SOPs, protocols, induction documents, PowerPoints become interactive training courses.

Many companies have folders and boards containing Word documents with much of the information that employees need to know in order to be effective and safe at work. This includes protocols, SOPs, onboarding material, company guidelines, and compliance training. And, while these documents often took hours of careful crafting, it leaves managers with no way of knowing whether the information was sufficiently studied or understood by their employees.

The e-Learning Convert service can give new life to the content of these documents, making their dissemination more streamlined, consistent, engaging, and cost-effective. When converted to an e-learning module, content becomes more mentally stimulating and can embed interactive features and interesting visual elements. Our quick conversion service offers clients a seamless transformation from static pages of information to immersive e-learning courses at a fraction of the price and within a short delivery timeframe.

The conversion from DOCX files to e-learning training courses

Using the Order form, simply submit your Word documents. Should you require the text to be re-structured or re-written, please specify that you need extra learning design or instructional writing services by selecting “No” to the question “Are you satisfied that the content in your source file is as required?” in the Order form and then specify your exact needs. Your initial quote will be adjusted accordingly.

However, if your DOCX content is to your satisfaction and you do not require any of our optional extra services we will use your Word files’ content verbatim, but convert it into an engaging, online training experience by incorporating interactive elements and imagery where required.
The newly created e-learning course will contain all your original text, but presented in a way that facilitates active learning, is trackable, SCORM-compliant, consistent, and streamlined for easy dissemination across branches and departments.

With so many benefits associated with online training – for instance, better knowledge retention and saving on company costs, time, and effort – why not take the first step to convert your documents to e-learning by requesting your commitment-fee quote now?