Data Protection Policy

Updated: 1 November, 2022

“e-Learning Convert” is a service of Laragh Fields Ltd., having registered address at Dublin Rd., Kilkenny, Ireland, registered in Dublin, Ireland with company reg no.: 367347 and VAT reg no.: IE6387348F – referred to henceforth as “Laragh”. Our data protection policies adhere to EU GDPR regulations, regardless of the global location of customers, except where a customer explicitly requests and agrees to a different standard.

Data Ownership

At all times, customer data remains the exclusive property of the customer. This includes all files (documents, PowerPoints, PDFs, images, animations, videos, audio, logos) that you may send to us via email, MS Teams or by secure file transfer, when commissioning us to create an e-learning course.

Data Retention

Laragh retains data only to the extent that is necessary for delivery of a service requested by a customer and only for so long as permitted to retain such data, by that customer. Information provided by a potential customer in order to procure a quote/offer from Laragh, will not be retained after the offer period has expired. Information provided by a customer as source or reference material required by Laragh to produce the agreed service, course or other product, will no longer be available after the customer has accepted final delivery of the work product. The software and files necessary to re-create or update a finished work product will be securely maintained by Laragh for a period of two years after final delivery, unless Laragh is explicitly requested not to do so, for the exclusive purpose of enabling the customer to inexpensively purchase updates and revisions. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure all required data has been downloaded or copied to an alternate location prior to the respective date after which Laragh will no longer have access to such data.

Laragh may retain metadata information pertaining to customer data (for example system backup reporting or proof of previous customer data existence) however this does not include actual customer data set(s).

Access to Customer Data

Laragh may be obliged to provide metadata when requested via an authorized law officer or court of law. In the event we are approached by such agencies we will provide the requested information upon receipt of a valid legal request. We do not provide access to customer data to any third party.

Laragh does not access (and will not attempt access to) customer data without permission from the customer.

Laragh does not access, read, consume, or manipulate customer data for any means including via the use of artificial intelligence or other electronic measures for the purpose of marketing, sales, or any other form of revenue generation.

Data Sovereignty

Laragh securely stores all customer data and backups of this data in off-line RAID5 servers in Cape Town, South Africa for only as long as required (see the foregoing).

Data Backup

Laragh is responsible for the backup of its own systems, configuration, and internal data.

Whilst Laragh may provide backup services for customer data, customers are solely responsible for data backup and data retention. Any backup service provided by us includes access to data sets for testing and confirmation of data backup integrity. This data backup integrity checking is the sole responsibility of the customer.

Data Breach

In the event that customer data has been compromised or lost, we will notify the affected customer as soon as practicable. If we are in possession of evidence of criminal activity related to a data breach, we will notify relevant law enforcement agencies.

Internal GDPR Policies and Practices

Laragh regularly assesses its data handling, reviewing the purposes of the processing, what kinds of data we process, who has access to which data sets within Laragh, any third parties (and where they are located) that have access, what we are doing to protect the data, and when we plan to erase it.

Contacting Us

If you have any questions about our Policies or your dealings with us, you can contact us via the Contact page on our website.