Embrace Efficient Solutions to Your e-Learning Needs

Dec 2, 2022 | e-Learning, Uncategorized

Document Conversion Made Easy with e-Learning Convert

Many organizations are reluctant to embrace e-learning due to the lengthy, sometimes complicated, development lifecycle that is required to create new courseware. But what happens when your content has already been written, is accurate and up to date, and conveys the message you desire? In this case, following a traditional e-learning development process does not make sense. Instead, you should consider document conversion as a solution to your e-learning needs.

If It’s Not Broken, Don’t Fix it

Services such as e-Learning Convert circumvent the lengthy custom e-learning development process and provide quick and cost-effective e-learning solutions

One of the main obstacles to e-learning is the hefty time and cost implications of creating and developing courseware from scratch – from concept development to course design and finally implementation and use, even a beginner course requires great effort and expertise.

Certainly, for many organizations, the idea of a lengthy e-learning development process – no matter the benefits – can be daunting. The outlook changes, however, if you have existing Word, PowerPoint, and PDF documents that have already been crafted, curated, and ready to go. If this is the case, it naturally won’t be feasible to expend a large amount of time and money re-writing content that already suits your needs. After all, if it’s not broken, don’t fix it!

Enter document conversion

Fortunately, there are e-learning companies such as Laragh that recognize the need for organizations to be able to quickly convert existing source material (gather your DOCX, PPT, and PDF files!) into engaging, interactive e-learning courses that can be tracked and routinely updated with ease. Offering services like e-Learning convert that are readily available, it’s possible to transform your trusty (and likely dusty!) Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and PDF files into intuitive, accessible e-learning courses that will be professionally designed by a team of skilled and experienced learning designers. Your ready-made content is bursting for a new lease on life – e-Learning Convert promises to deliver.